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If there’s one thing the Irish are known for, it’s storytelling, and we want to give you access to the 70 million Irish Diaspora worldwide through our contributor’s network, IrishCentral Storytellers.

From New York to County Clare, from Sydney to Nova Scotia, Japan, Germany, and everywhere in between we want to create a platform for the Irish around the world to share their news. 

Whether you’ve wonderful news about events going on in your own Irish community, a passion for Irish history, or tales of travel or genealogy in Ireland you want to share, through IrishCentral Storytellers you have direct access to the Irish worldwide.


 Why sign up to IrishCentral Storytellers?


- Reach IrishCentral’s 2.2m+ monthly readers (and counting)

- Connect with our 1m+ social media followers

- Reach our 350k+ newsletter subscribers

- Have your voice heard in the global Irish community


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How to get started


1. Register to IrishCentral Storytellers


Signing up is simple. We’ll need your name, email, social media accounts, location, and what topics you plan to write about.


2. What to expect


After your submission, you will get a confirmation email to accept membership, the terms of service, and ensure you are not a robot!


3. Write something great


Submit your story (at least 350 words) along with photos you have permission to use and submit.


Each story will be reviewed by IrishCentral’s Editorial Team before it is published.


4. Share your news


Once your article is published, you’ll receive a notification. Then, it’s time for you and IrishCentral to share your news across social media channels.


IrishCentral’s audience looks forward to reading your stories.


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