Why American women are wild about Irish guys


“Hollywood is making the Irish man the new flavor of the month,” Wygant, who is based in Los Angeles, told the Irish Voice.

“Irish guys are more charming because of their voice.

“You can take the same sentence spoken by an Irish man and an American man, but women will swoon over the accent,” he said.

Describing Dublin as “one of the most beautiful cities in the world,” the dating expert said he was pleasantly surprised by how Irish men reacted to women in bars.

“The men weren’t staring at women like they hadn’t seen meat in 14 years,’ he recalls. “American guys can be very lecherous.”

Dating an Irishman for the past year, Steph King from Virginia says in her experience the drinking stereotype concerning the Irish is accurate.

“Yes, the cliché is actually true. They also drink during the day, more than any American men I’ve dated or known,” says the digital marketer, who is not turned off by her boyfriend’s drinking habits.

“I’ve noticed that sure Irish men drink often, but they aren’t half as loud as a group of American men can be,” she added.

One drawback she says is their obsession with the American brand Abercrombie and Fitch, something the Virginian adds most U.S. guys grow out of in their teenage years.

“Unfortunately Irishmen wear a lot of Abercrombie. American teenage boys wear Abercrombie, but men do not, so that was something I noticed was very popular with an older age set of Irish guys.

“It would be odd to see an American guy over the age of 20 wearing Abercrombie,” she added.

Despite the occasional drunken slur and odd fashion faux pas, it seems the appeal of the rogue Irish man in the U.S. is popular as ever.
Seasoned Irish American matchmaker Maureen Tara Nelson says in recent years she has seen a surge in American women seeking Irish men.

“I would say over the past couple of years we have seen more of a demand for Irish men,” she told the Irish Voice.

Winner of Best of Long Island Matchmaker and Dating Service for the third year running and with over 1,000 clients on her books, Nelson admits she can see why her female clients are so attracted to Irishmen and suggests a good upbringing has a lot to do with it.

“One of the great advantages and why they make such great husbands is that they are brought up to be great sons,” she says, adding the accent is “the icing on the cake”.