24 top tips on travel to Ireland: from handling the weather to the locals (PHOTOS)

American tourists snapped at the Guinness Storehouse...really taking on the culture!

The majority of cars in Ireland use a manual gear stick so if you're planning to rent when you're here don't forget to book an automatic in advance.

15. Booking a taxi not always necessary

No need to call up a taxi every time you want to head somewhere, there are plenty to go around during the day. You can flag one down by stretching out the hand or just head to a taxi rank. But if you're heading on an early morning flight home, best order one just to be sure. Taxi too expensive? Save a bit of money and take the bus instead!

16. Buses won't stop unless you put your hand out

If you are taking the bus this is vitally important. But be warned, some days even putting your hand out and waving it around won't be enough to make them stop. So don't be surprised if you see people at the bus stop jumping up and down in desperation when the bus is in view.

17. Prepare to be late, the buses are never on time

Living in Ireland isn't all Riverdance and seisuins for one there is "Public transport timetables that are more of a suggestion"

No point in looking up the timetable, sometimes they don't even bother turning up. This is particularly true for Dublin Bus where buses randomly disappear off the timetable - you're almost better off relying on these transport parody Twitter accounts.

18. We tend to curse a lot

An Irish curse for every situation - mild exasperation to letting it rip in Ireland’s native tongue

Mind your ears, we do it without realising! But we don't mean it to be offensive, it just sort of slips out.

19. We almost take pride in the state of our potholes

Ireland's country roads are notorious for having the regular pothole. You might as well take a crash course in rally driving before you tackle our roads.

20. Anything over 17 degrees is considered warm

A packed beach at Brittas Bay, County Wicklow, on Sunday, as the Irish take in the sun

Degrees celsius that is, room temperature. We'll head out in t-shirts when it's this warm.

21. Off-licences close at 10pm

If you're planning to head out or want a good night in, don't forget that Irish off-licences close at 10pm 

22. The perfect night out ends with a 4 in 1

What's a 4 in 1 I hear you say? Why it's the most delicious thing to eat after a night on the town. Usually contains chips (fries), curry, rice and some form of chicken to nom on.

23. If you don't want to stick out as a tourist abandon your Aran jumper

Seriously. We don't really wear them very often and if we do it's probably in the comfort of our homes where we can't be seen.

24. Never say no to a cup of tea

You'd be mad to say 'no!' We're known for our expert tea-making abilities so grab the opportunity to have a cuppa.