Ten castles to rent in Ireland for a fairy tale vacation (PHOTOS)


Turin Castle’s origins are unclear. The castle’s name comes from the old Irish meaning “small bleaching field,” which suggests the residents were involved with sheep farming.

The castle was abandoned in the middle of the 18th century. Turin Castle sits between the lakes of Connemara and the village of Cong of “Quiet Man” fame. Turin Castle has five bedrooms that house up to ten guests.

8. Lough Cutra Castle, County Galway


World renowned architect John Nash designed the Gothic style castle for Colonel Vereker after he inherited the estate in 1797.

Construction was completed in 1858 and the entertainment at the castle attracted famous visitors including W. B. Yeats and Lady Gregory. Since the late 19th century the castle has changed hands several times. Lough Cutra has nine bedroom that provide room for up to forty guests.

9. Ballynagowan Castle, County Clare

The castle takes its name from beal-atha-an-ghobhan which means the mouth of the smith’s ford.General Ludlow, fighting under Oliver Cromwell, attacked the castle in 1649.

Ballynagowan Castle’s heir Conor O’Brien was fatally wounded in a skirmish against Ludlow at Inchicronan in 1651. His wife, “The Red Mary” fought alongside him. According to tradition she married several English generals to protect her children’s inheritance to the castle and all of her husbands met their end in mysterious ways.

Ballynagowan has four bedrooms that  house up to eight guests.

10. Ballybur Castle, County Kilkenny


The ancient seat of the Comerford clan, Ballybur Castle is a sixth century tower house with five floors rising 65-feet.

John Comerford was the last Comerford to reside at the castle. He was banished to Connaught in 1654 and his castle handed over to Brian Manseragh during the Cromwellian distribution survey.

Ballybur Castle has four bedrooms that house up to twelve guests.

* Bookings can be made online and rates vary by guest count, length of stay, and season. Many of the castles are also available for weddings.