Irish American names that top the charts - from Brayden to Riley, we have them allGoogle Images

Aidan, Brayden, Colin, Riley; Kayla, Morgan, Megan, Kaitlyn - you've probably come across a newborn in the past decade with at least one of these names.

What do they all have in common? These top names in the U.S. all have Irish roots!

For example, the trendy name "Aidan" is the Anglicization of the Gaelic word Aodhán, meaning "little fire," while "Kayla" is a modern creation inspired by the Irish man’s name Cadhla, meaning "slender."

If you're an expectant parent looking for an Irish name, or you just want to figure out what your own means, you've come to the right place.

We've done all the hard work of gathering the top Irish names in America into one place. All you have to do is sit back and choose one, or two...


Anglicization of the Irish surname Ó Ríain, meaning "descendent of the little king"

Brandon: Anglicization of Breanainn, which possibly means "sword.” Also an English surname meaning “hill top”

Logan: From the Irish surname O’Loughan, which is often mistranslated to mean “duck,” which is actually from the Gaelic word “lacha”
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Austin: Anglicization of the name Aghaistín, the Irish form of Augustine, a Latin name meaning “great” or “magnificent”

Kevin: Anglicization of the Irish name Caoimhín, meaning “beautiful birth”

Connor: Modern form of the Irish name Conchobhar, meaning “dog lover.” Usually spelled Conor in Ireland

Kyle: Anglicization of the Irish word “coill” meaning “woods.” More commonly used in Scotland, where it is from a place name meaning "narrow.”

Anglicization of Aodhán, meaning “little fire”

Brian: Anglicization of the Irish name Brion, meaning “noble”

Sean: Irish form of John, which means “gift from God”


Brianna: Modern feminine form of Brian, an Anglicization of the Irish name Brion, meaning “noble”

Kayla: Even though it’s probably a modern creation, it is similar to the Irish male name Cadhla, meaning “slender”

Anna: Typically considered a Latin name, but Ana is also an ancient Celtic goddess known as the “Wealth Provider”

Megan: Though technically not a Celtic name (it’s a Welsh pet form of Margaret), it’s similar to the Irish surname O’Meegan, meaning “descendent of the brave warrior”

Kaitlyn: American form of the Irish Caitlín (Irish version of Catherine)

Makayla: Another modern creation possibly stemming from the Irish man’s name “Cadhla,” meaning slender
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Kaylee: This name is a modern invention based on the names Kay and Lee, but it also sounds like “céilí,” the Irish word for a gathering

Kylie: Usually considered an Australian Aboriginal name meaning “boomerang,” but like the name Kayla, it’s also a form of Kiley, an Anglicization of the Irish name Cadhla, meaning “slender”

Riley: Riley is an English surname meaning “rye field” or an Anglicization of the Irish surname O’Reilly, or Ó Raghaillaigh, meaning from “descendant of Raghaillaigh,” an Irish chieftain

Erin: A poetic name for Ireland. The name is not usually used in Ireland, but it’s recently gained in popularity in the North