The 60 year history of sharing a bowl of Shamrocks with the US President for St. Patrick’s Day - PHOTOS & VIDEO

Former Prime Minister Bertie Ahern and former president George W Bush celebrate St. Patrick's Day at the White House

Check out the slideshow of the history here

In 1952, Ireland’s ambassador to the US, John Hearne, sent a small box of shamrocks to US President Harry Truman, unknowingly creating a tradition that is still carried out more than 60 years later. On Tuesday, Taoiseach Enda Kenny will present President Barack Obama with the honorary bowl at the White House during the traditional Shamrock ceremony.

Diarmaid Keane of the US Embassy in Dublin explains that “From Reagan to Clinton, Nixon to JFK – every U.S. President since 1952 has embraced the Shamrock ceremony at The White House differently.” In honor of the ceremony and its tradition, the US Embassy, with help from the National Archives of Ireland and the RTE archives, have put together an eight minute promotional video and photo gallery which shows how the Shamrock ceremony has evolved over the years, reports. The video features photos of former Taoisigh, including Dr Garret FitzGerald, Charles Haughey, John Bruton, Albert Reynolds, Bertie Ahern, Brian Cowen and Enda Kenny, handing over shamrock at the White House.

Watch ‘St. Patrick’s Day in the White House’ Video:

Irish potter, Mary Staunton from Kylemore, Co. Galway is particularly delighted about the ceremony this year as a hamper of her handcrafted pottery containing six mugs, a milk jug and sugar bowl and carrying the famous Fuchsia design of the Kylemore pottery, will be presented to Michelle Obama, reveals. "It's so exciting, I'm absolutely thrilled,” she said, "It's just amazing to think that it will be on Michelle Obama's table. I really couldn't believe it when I heard.

Check out the slideshow of the history here