U.S. Embassy claims Ireland took the tradition from their trans Atlantic cousins in America.Getty Images

Who invented St. Patrick's Day? Most people would assume the Irish, but here's a case for it being an American innovation.

The U.S. Embassy in Dublin created this video two years ago. It sets out to prove that it was, in fact, America which created St Patrick’s Day and not Ireland! We liked it so much that we thought we'd share it again this year.

The video claims that Ireland took the tradition of celebrating St Patrick’s Day from their trans-Atlantic cousins in America.

The video sets out five American inventions that prove St Patrick’s Day as we know it came from America.

Top of their list is that they invented the parade tradition. The earliest recorded parade was one that took place in 1737 in Boston.

The embassy's second item is that Americans were turning things green long before the Irish were, with a list of examples such as green beer, green rivers and green clothes!

Number three on the embassy's list is their assertion that marching bands were invented by Americans. Number four is the all-too-believable corned beef and cabbage.

The last thing they lay claim to are the keys to the White House.

Here’s the video. Do you agree with the US Embassy's list of five things that prove Americans created St Patrick’s Day?