The most popular toys for Irish kids in the 1990s


9. Talkboy

This thing was sold by Home Alone 2. Completely. In fact, it wasn't even a toy when the movie was made – everyone wanted one so much that they actually turned the prop for the movie (which didn't work) into a real toy.

Every boy needed one, mesmerised as we were by visions of manipulating grown-ups to our every whim with its magical voice-changing abilities. Of course, that never, ever worked, but they were simpler times, when changing your voice to sound deeper was enough entertainment for hours a day.

Good times.

10. Beanie Babies

Image: purplesushi

Beanie Babies were squarely marketed at girls, and, like the Power Rangers, the marketing was all based around collecting them.

They all came with their own names, and creating a beanie baby community was an important status symbol back in the day. The upshot of this was that 90s girls arrived at their teenage years with piles upon piles of animal-shaped bean bags.

What happened to them all?