Holidays the Irish gave the world: St Patrick’s, Valentines and Halloween

How the Irish gave the world three major internationally celebrated holidays. Go on...Guess which!

You can't beat St. Patrick’s Day for Irish pedigree and global reach, but it's not the only major celebration we gave the world.

Add to the list:

St. Valentine's Day:

Dublin is the Italian martyr's final resting place, and his Shrine of Love is at White Friar. It's been there since 1835.


AKA the Celtic New Year, Irish transplants brought the holiday to the New World with the first settlements. It's no wonder that the last witch hung in Boston was an Irish slave woman named Ann Glover. When tried in 1688, she spoke no English, and like Cromwell who enslaved her as a girl, the judge was convinced her Gaelic on the stand was devil talk. Jack o lanterns and treat collection all date back to old Irish customs translated in America. October 31st is called Samhain (Sauwin) in Irish.

A footnote on three other holidays:

Groundhog day on February 2nd, closely coincides with the feast of Imbolc or St. Bridget's Day.

July 4th would never have happened if it weren't for all those Irish generals and Declaration signators from Ireland.

September 11th or Patriot's Day is forever associated with the martyrdom of Mychal Judge and other firemen, many Irish, who scaled stairs to save people, and were the anchor of our hope on that awful day.

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