A guide to the perfect Celtic wedding

Wear a Claddagh ring at your traditional Celtic wedding.

To signify devotion, young people in Ireland would give harvest knots made of straw to their love interest, to be worn on a man's lapel or in a woman's hair. You can decorate straw harvest knots with small flowers or bells to give to guests as favors. Attach a scroll explaining the significance.

11. Invite the "strawboys" to your wedding reception 

A peculiar Irish wedding tradition was for youths wearing cone-shaped straw hats and masks to arrive at the wedding dance, where the leader would claim the right to dance with the bride. They wore straw suits resembling many-layered hula skirts, or white shirts and petticoats decorated with colored ribbons. At the party's end, the strawboys burned their costumes in a huge bonfire. Reenact this scene for a truly traditional Irish wedding.

12. Receive traditional Irish gifts

On your registry, be sure to ask for the following: salt and pepper shakers, so your home will never be without food, wine glasses or tall toasting flutes, so your home will never be without plenty to drink, and a candlestick holder, so your home will always have light.

*Originally published in March 2009.