Titanic hero Irishman Thomas Andrews epitomized bravery as ship went down (VIDEO)


"But on one occasion I was talking to her and she said that she hoped that the wreck would be left as a memorial to all the people who died on the ship.

"I think she was totally devastated - and she was so very fond of Tommy's parents.

"She described them as being her second mother and her second father. She was just trying to console them when she herself must have been devastated."

Morrison’s mother said her own father, Henry Harland, would probably have known Andrews, through the shipyard. Both men were privileged apprentices, which meant they were paid to learn every job and skill involved in building ships.

Andrews, Harland, and their beloved Helen were all from the most prosperous families in northern Ireland at the time.

Morrison told the BBC she truly believed her mother loved Andrews always, and he was her favorite.

"She was obviously very, very fond of him.

"I think it was a true love match. He must have been brilliant.

"But the other thing that comes out so often is his real affection for the workers.

"He told Nellie when they were driving out of the shipyard one day together that all the workers who were coming out were his mates. He was so very popular and dearly loved, I think, by so many people."

Morrison still has her mother’s engagement ring, from Andrews, which she wore until her death.

She said Andrew’s proposal to Reilly Barbour didn’t go as planned. On March 25, 1906 Andrews wrote a letter to Helen apologizing for shocking her by asking her to marry him the evening before. Eventually she recovered from the shock and the pair were married on June 23, 1908, in Lambeg Parish Church, outside Lisburn.

After their honeymoon in Switzerland, they took up residence at “Dunallan”, 12 Windsor Avenue, Belfast. This building is now the home of the Irish Football Association (IFA). It was here they had their first child, a girl, nicknamed Elba.

Morrison said “I've often been asked why wasn't my mother on the Titanic with her husband. I never knew if it was because my mother was ill or Elba was ill.

Five years after Andrews died on the Titanic Reilly Barbour married Morrison’s father, Henry Harland. Morrison is their youngest child.

Not only was Thomas Andrews a hero and a gentleman but also a romantic and loving husband and father.

Here’s a short biography of Thomas Andrews from "Titanic Stories":