25 ways you know you were brought up in the Irish countryside

Signs you had a good rural rearing in the auld Emerald Isle.

22. As was going to Dublin

Oh the big shmoke! The excitement of seeing the coast, and all the drive around the city was spent looking out the window to see if you could see Croke Park, not realising that you were, in fact, in Skerries.

23. You'd roll down hills and end up in the ditch

This was even more fun than it sounds!

You'd start at the top of a hill; try roll down it, getting ridiculously dizzy and even if you started in the middle you'd still somehow end up in the ditch.

24. A ditch goes up!

Speaking of ditches; they were the things that grew up! The drains, or so called 'ditches' to townies, were called shucks.

25. Slurry was described as a 'good healthy smell'

This statement has yet to be proven.