Married gay Irishman’s deportation on hold


Mundy believes that the groundswell in support of equal treatment for gay unions is unstoppable.

“You have to win the battles in order to win the war. I think we’ve just won a battle. Naturally we would have preferred to have seen the attorney general direct the Board of Appeals on how to answer these questions, but that would have been too much too soon for the GOP perhaps,” he said.

Thursday’s suspension is a read between the lines decision by Holder, Mundy suggests, and the best decision that he could have hoped for. “If the attorney general has made a strong commitment to enforce

DOMA then why ask the Board of Immigration Appeals to determine whether or not he would be considered a spouse under federal immigration law, but for DOMA?”

The next step in Dorman’s case will occur in July, when the Board of Appeals is expected to rule on whether to deport Dorman or not.