Comedian Hal Roach has died at age 84 in FloridaGoogle Images

Comedian Hal Roach has died at age 84 in Florida. The Waterford -born entertainer was a fixture in Irish American circles and spent 26 years as comedian in residence at Jurys Cabaret in Dublin where millions of Irish Americans laughed at his jokes.

His catch phrase was ‘write it down’ and Roach published several books aimed at the Irish American market which were very popular.

Roach was over 60 years in show business and first came to attention as a boy soprano

Upon hearing the news, fellow comedian and good friend Brendan Grace stated: "Roach was a prime influence throughout my career and has inspired me and many others to walk in the shadow of his greatness."

The Irish Times printed  five of Hal’s funniest jokes;
The teacher said, “Seán, what is a cannibal?” He said, “I don’t know.” The teacher said, “Well, if you were to eat your mother and father, what would you be?” He said, “An orphan”.

Murphy found himself very late one night in London in the underground subway station, at four o’clock in the morning. He walked along to the escalator. And on the escalator it is written, “Dogs must be carried on the escalator.”

And he thought, “God, where am I going to find a dog at this hour of the night?”

A man buys a jigsaw puzzle with eight pieces. Nine months later he has managed to put it all together and is delighted with himself. He thinks he has done well because on the box it says “four to six years”.

The teacher said to this boy, “What’s Gandhi’s first name?” He said, “Goosey Goosey”.