Cook and bake like the Irish for St. Patrick’s Day with these traditional Irish recipes

Irish brown bread is just one of the treats you can cook or bake with these Irish recipes for St. Patrick's Day.

Put into the oven and immediately reduce the temperature to 400. Cook for 35-40 minutes. If you are in doubt if it’s cooked, tap the bottom, if it is cooked it will sound hollow. This bread is cooked at a lower temperature than soda bread because the egg browns faster at a higher heat.

World’s Best Roast Chicken Recipe

You’d think you know how to roast a chicken right? It’s easy? Well you don’t know how to roast a chicken that tastes like this. Throw away every recipe you’ve ever learned to date and commit this one to memory. After today it’s the only one you will ever need.

1 whole chicken, preferably free range and of the best quality you can find.
1 lemon
1 large clove of garlic, crushed
1 good handful of fresh thyme, on the stem.
6 tablespoons of butter
2 tablespoons of olive oil
Salt and pepper to taste

Turn the oven up to 450 degrees. Rinse the chicken under cold tap water, remove giblets and let stand in roasting pan for twenty minutes until it reaches room temperature. With your fingers rub the room temperature butter into the skin covering the bird.

Place several sprigs of fresh thyme and the smashed garlic clove inside the cavity. Cut the lemon in half and squeeze the juice liberally over the skin. When done place both lemon pieces into the cavity alongside the thyme and garlic. Sprinkle with salt and pepper.

Place the chicken in the middle of the oven and cook at 450 for 15 minutes until the skin is browned. Turn the oven down to 375 degrees and cook for another 30 – 40 minutes, making sure to baste it in its own juices several times during cooking.

When it’s done place the chicken on a carving board and let it stand for at least ten minutes before carving, until the juices flow freely from it. Serve with a side salad.

Roasted Parsnips and Carrots

Want to take a classic Saint Patrick’s Day condiment to the next level? Try this foolproof way of enlivening a staple that will give it a zing you won’t believe. The addition of apricot jam at the end gives the dish a wonderful glaze that compliments the spicy bite of cumin.

Eight medium sized carrots (peeled and roughly chopped)
Eight medium sized parsnips (peeled and roughly chopped)
1 teaspoon of cumin
1 generous tablespoon of apricot jam
4 tablespoons of olive oil

Turn the oven up to 400 and pop the carrots and parsnips into a roasting pan, drizzle with the olive oil and cumin. Pop into the oven for 30 minutes, taking it out of the oven to baste in the oil from time to time. When the carrots and parsnips are almost roasted to perfection take them out and drop in the tablespoon of apricot jam making sure to spread it throughout the pan to glaze the vegstables. Place back in the oven for five minutes. Remove and serve.