Bremer School of Irish Dance repeatedly entertain the crowds with their remarkable footwork.YouTube / U2martcom

With the enormous excitement surrounding St. Patrick’s Day each year and the hundreds of events and performances taking place around the world each year, it becomes difficult here at IrishCentral to bring all the tremendous talent on display to your attention and so, we thought we’d bring you a little throw-back to St. Patrick’s Days past in the form of the incredible Bremer School of Irish Dance.

For any Boston Celtic fans, you may remember this Irish dancing school from Marblehead, Massachusetts, taking to the court for the halftime show on March 17 for several years in the lead-up to their participation on the World Dancing Championships at the end of the month.

In the third year of this tradition in 2010, the talented group of dancers really got the crowd going, just three weeks before they headed to Glasgow for the World's.

The above video shows the incredible show from the sidelines while this second video takes us up into the crowd to get a good view of the show from above.

It’s incredible to see the show the Bremer school put on each year, upping the ante in 2011 when they took on part of the music from Riverdance before really getting the crowd going with Dropkick Murphys’ “Shipping Up to Boston,” the perfect song to get the Boston Celtic fans riled up.

Unfortunately, there are no videos of their very first year but you can see the younger members of the dancing troupe looking even more adorable in this video from the halftime show in 2009.