Twitter users were quick to contradict a statistic that claimed 72% of Irish people had no foreign language skills.

Mapsome, a social media account that aims to "explain the world" by sharing random tidbits, found itself in hot water today.

The account shared figures that stated over 72% of those living in Ireland had no ability to speak a second language (perhaps a somewhat outdated statistic anyway, considering the graphic was from 2011!) 

The chart contrasted Éire with countries like Luxembourg, a veritable cultural melting pot, where a mere 1% of the population have no additional languages.

As displayed below, Ireland fared worst in the rankings.

Not missing a beat, Irish followers fired back that "nearly 100%" of those living in Ireland did speak a foreign language - English! 

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Overall, the post received over 120 criticisms.

"100% of Irish people speak a foreign language - English! The problem is that most Irish people cannot speak the native language of Ireland  - an Ghaeilge. from Mapsome," Gaeilgeoir and translator  Seanán Ó Coistín retaliated.

Another stated, "This is rubbish, and insulting to the Irish people. I know others have said it but it needs to be said again - English is a foreign language in Ireland. Irish people who speak English speak a foreign language. People who speak Gaeilge na hÉireann and English are bilingual."

One Twitter user even went so far as to share a screenshot of the Irish Constitution, which clearly states that Irish is the first language of the country, with English as the official second language.

The moderator of the Mapsome account was forced to issue a clarification.

It states, "Update concerning this publication: there is a valid reason that Ireland is 1st. The majority of pupils in Ireland do learn a second language, Irish. In Irish-speaking schools, English is learned as a second language. That's why they are ranked 1st."

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