Sinn Féin's former president Gerry Adams says the culinary collection will include "some of the best-kept secrets of the Irish peace process".

Political leader Gerry Adams has revealed that his upcoming cookbook will contain recipes that sustained hungry republicans through hours of talks over the years.

Belfast-born Adams made the announcement speaking at the 30th annual Feile an Phobail festival. He said that the book will carry the title, "The Negotiators' Cook Book". 

“The British never fed us," the Louth TD told the crowd. "They never had any food. But as intrepid republicans and being blessed by one or two great cooks these are the recipes that sustained the Irish negotiating team."

Adams (69) has already penned 15 books, including memoirs and political/historical anthologies.

He teased that he is also currently working on a book of short stories - noting that authors like Enid Blyton had inspired him to pursue writing. 

“There would be meetings and no record of the meetings,” he said.

“If you do want to write fiction, you need time for day-dreaming," he said in an interview.

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As the news of the book became public knowledge, several people on social media couldn't resist indulging in some puns - even Kay Burley!