The most haunted places in Ireland for Halloween (PHOTOS)

St. Michan’s Church,  Dublin

  4. Charleville Castle, Tullamore, County Offaly

Charleville Forest Castle is so famously haunted that it’s been featured on shows such as Fox's “Scariest Places On Earth” and Living TV's “Most Haunted.”

The Irish castle has been visited by numerous paranormal investigators and psychics, and many of its guests have reported strange happenings in the castle during their stay.

Charleville Castle was built in 1798 for the first Earl of Charleville William Bury and his family. The castle remained in the Bury family until 1963, when Colonel Charles Howard Bury suddenly dropped dead.

Today, a woman named Bridget Vance owns the property and is restoring the castle to its original Gothic Revival beauty.

Castle workers say construction has awakened the spirits of Charleville. They report having heard strange whispering voices and classical music throughout the castle.

Many have also heard the sounds of children playing in a room of the castle that was once the nursery.

According to legend, a little girl named Harriet died a tragic death at Charleville while playing in the stairwell in the early 1800s.

Harriet’s ghost has been seen in the stairwell, and people have said they felt a cold brush of wind brush past them as they descend these steps. The little girl can be heard in rooms around the castle, moving furniture and giggling and talking.

But children aren’t the only spirits to haunt Charleville.

The famous castle is said to have been built on land that was once an ancient druid stomping ground, and the Vance family reports having seen ghostly hooded figures around the castle grounds.

 5. Ross Castle, Lough Sheelin, County Meath

A famous Irish building steeped in history, Ross Castle is known as one of the most haunted places in all of Ireland and even Britain.

Located on the shores of Lough (Lake) Sheelin, the castle was built in 1533 by the Lord of Devon Richard Nugent, a.k.a. the Black Baron.”

The Baron’s tragic daughter Sabina is said to haunt the property today.

Legend has it that in 1536, Sabina met a handsome young man named Orwin, son of an O’Reilly chieftain, on a bridge on the edge of her father’s property.

The two fell in love, but they weren’t considered an appropriate match, with Sabina being English and Orwin being Irish.

So the star-crossed lovers decided to elope, and took a boat out onto Lough Sheelin to escape the people who wouldn’t accept them together.

But the unpredictable lake waters got the best of them when a storm hit and their boat was overturned. Orwin struck his head on the rock beneath the shallow lake and died, while Sabina was rescued.

When Sabina woke up three days later and saw her beloved’s body laid out in the palace chapel, she screamed a blood curdling scream. Soon after she died from shock, and she and Orwin were buried in a mound on the castle grounds.

Sabina now haunts Ross Castle, in search for her lost lover. Her agonizing wail is said to still be heard today around 3 or 4 a.m. in the back right room of the castle.

The Black Baron’s presence has also been reported visitors in the vicinity of the castle on numerous occasions. The Baron is said to roam the grounds as well, grieving for his dead daughter.

 6. Grand Opera House, Belfast

The magnificent Grand Opera House was opened in Belfast in 1895. Though the building was damaged during the Troubles, it has since been restored to its original splendor.

Several ghosts haunt the theatre, but sadly, most of them are unidentified.

Cast members have often seen a face looking in at them from a round window on their way down from the dressing rooms on the top floor. Opera House staff members have also reported a feeling that someone was behind them when nobody was there, especially while standing on stage.

Actors say they often feel like they’re being followed in the stage area, and the most commonly spotted specter at the theatre is a mysterious figure in a long, black hooded cloak that is always seen on stage. Some think the ghost to be a former actor, still waiting for the curtain to go down on his final role.

The Northern Ireland Paranormal Research Association recently investigated the Grand Opera House, and claim to have come in contact with the spirits of Harry and George, a pair of deceased stage hands who worked at the theatre in the 1980s.