In honor of the SOPA and PIPA blackout - top '#Irish Facts Without Wikipedia'


A canny Irish radio host took advantage of a Twitter hastag #factswithoutwikipedia on Wednesday and asked his listeners to come up with “#Irish Facts Without Wikipedia”. The Twitter frenzy was all in honor of the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) and Protect IP Act (PIPA) protests in the United States.

The response to The 2fm presenter Rick O’Shea’s (@RickOShea) hashtag was massive. The tweets are a great example of Irish surrealism, sarcasm and humor.

On Wednesday websites such as Wikipedia and Reddit were blacked out. even joined in blacking out their usually expressionistic logo on the homepage.

Here’s our pick of the top tweets for #IrishFactsWithoutWikipedia:


Guinness is made from Hops,Barley,Leprechaun Juice and the tears of Irish people deep in negative equity #IrishFactswithoutWikipedia

Politech @politech_mayo
tourismireland give grants for waving at tourists during the summer #irishfactswithoutWikipedia

Damian Hanlon @damohanlo
The IRA was a splinter group of The Richard and Judy Book Club [ the equivalent to Oprah book club] that just got a bit out of hand #irishfactswithoutwikipedia

Brian Murphy @bMurfy
"Hold on a minute, I'll be back in a second" makes perfect sense #irishfactswithoutwikipedia


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Colm Hall @colmhall
Gardai mispronounce the word 'vehicle' in the hope of confusing you into confessing to the abduction of Shergar. #irishfactswithoutwikipedia

Paul Gilligan @cazgillo

ahshernow is a real word. #irishfactswithoutwikipedia

#irishfactswithoutwikipedia leprechauns have been fighting for recognition as an ethnic minority in the European courts since 1991

Brian Murphy @bMurfy

As part of a huge experiment on the placebo effect, there's been no actual alcohol in Irish drink since 1925 #irishfactswithoutwikipedia


In Ireland "just up the road" is anything from 100 yards to 20 miles. The difference in tone determines how far #IrishFactsWithoutWikipedia

William Rotte @thrill_bill
The 'Half your age plus seven' rule is in the Irish Constitution. #IrishFactsWithoutWikipedia

Eoin O'Beara @eobeara

Iceland used to be a county of Ireland before it broke off in 1941, nobody noticed because of the war. #IrishFactsWithoutWikipedia

Liam Porter @LiamPort

If you live anywhere outside Dublin it's mandatory to have your elbow out the car window on a warm day #IrishFactsWithoutWikipedia

Aine Bodley @ainebodley
@rickoshea Michael D Higgins is the love child of a leprechaun and a Druid

St. Patrick regularly punched people who called him "Patty". #IrishFactsWithoutWikipedia

A Harte @TheOnlyMUFC
Nama is actually Dana's twin sister #irishfactswithoutwikipedia

Daragh Corry @DrAFC_Daragh

#irishfactswithoutwikipedia Hurling is a sport that is a mix between Hockey and murder

Jim Daly @psneeze

No amount of torture will force an Irishman to tell you who actually took the horse to France #irishfactswithoutwikipedia

Chris Newman @Chrissymacc
We don't know if we're racist or just havin' the craic #IrishFactsWithoutWikipedia

Richard O'Shea @RichyShea
When the weather gets really bad they do actually take in the roads #IrishFactsWithoutWikipedia

Jim Daly @psneeze

No amount of torture will force an Irishman to tell you who actually took the horse to France #irishfactswithoutwikipedia


#IrishFactsWithoutWikipedia When your mother says "I'll brain you" she does not wish to donate new grey matter in your general direction.

Ailbhe Shanahan @pinkalbys

You can't have a picnic without TK red lemonade, hang sandwiches and tayto crisps #irishfactswithoutwikipedia

James Hannafin

Now your sucking diesel is actually a compliment #IrishFactsWithoutWikipedia