How ‘Typhoid Mary’ infected countless and still haunts a New York island


The cycle started again. Nearly five years after her release when an outbreak of typhoid fever in the Sloane Maternity Hospital occured it was discovered they had recently hired a new cook called Mrs Brown. Any sympathy she had from people after her release quickly disappeared when they discovered that she had wittingly cause pain and suffering to those who were infected.

Once again she was sent back to North Brother Island to live in the same isolated cottage. Details of her life on the island are scant but it is known that she helped around the hospital.
She suffered a large stroke in 1932 that left her paralysed. She was then transferred to the children's wing of the hospital where she spent the following six years of life until her death on November 11th 1938 aged 69.

This argumentative woman from Tyrone  was the first healthy typhoid carrier to be identified by medical science. She became famous after giving rise to the most famous outbreaks of carrier borne disease in medical history. Throughout her life “Typhoid Mary” was blamed for 51 cases and 3 deaths of typhoid.

North Brother Island on New York's east river where Mary spent a large part of her life has been since abandoned and some say her ghost still roams the derelict hospital corridors.