30 Irish Americans making the world a better place


The professor who has devoted her life to teaching Irish history, and setting the record straight: Maureen Murphy.

Kathleen Foley-Hughes, the founder of Ada's Cafe, with her son Charlie.

The chef giving jobs - and hope - to disabled adults: Kathleen Foley-Hughes.

Brother Bob Malloy, Detroit's unsung hero.

The priest ministering to the poor and disabled of Detroit: Brother Bob Malloy.

The 102-year-old still active in the Ancient Order of Hibernians: Kitty Geissler.

Unsung Hero: Father Jeremiah McSweeney.

The Irish priest changing lives in West Virginia: Father Jeremiah McSweeney.

The father and daughter team taking the martial arts world by storm: Don and Heather Madden.

Unsung Hero Susan Moran playing for St. Joseph's University.

Ireland's star athlete coaching in the US: Coach Susan Moran.

Becky Kelleher is today's Unsung Hero.

The mother battling the law for her son's health and wellness: Becky Kelleher.

The East Boston High School baseball and hockey teams presented the Savage family with $5,000 for 3-year-old Alisha's cancer treatments.

The East Boston high schoolers who raised $5,000 for an Irish toddler fighting cancer: The baseball and hockey teams of East Boston High School.

Patrick Dougher, as photographed by Brandon Stanton of Humans of New York.

The artist helping kids in underserved communities unleash creative potential: Patrick Dougher and the Groundswell Mural Project.

Today's unsung hero is Michael Bradley, Philadelphia's friend to Ireland.

Philadelphia's busiest friend of Ireland: Michael Bradley.

Daniel Gorman Jaffke, the Unsung Hero whose legacy of kindness lives on.

The fallen friend whose legacy of kindness lives on: Daniel Gorman Jaffke.