30 Irish Americans making the world a better place


The senior who gave up his Meals on Wheels so someone else could eat: William McCormick

14-year-old Irish American cowboy Tommy Patrick.

The 14-year-old Irish American cowboy who dug in deep during devastating floods: Tommy Patrick

Mary Brosnahan, executive director of the Coalition for the Homeless.

The woman looking out for New York’s 52,000 homeless: Mary Brosnahan

Helping low-wage workers save for the future: Ben Mangan

Bob Hurley - for 42 years and counting, the coach of St. Anthony's High School in Jersey City.

The high school basketball coach who could have gone pro but stayed: Bob Hurley

Sister Tesa Fitzgerald of Hour Children is helping women build new lives after prison.

The nun helping women build new lives after prison: Sister Tesa Fitzgerald

After her niece’s senseless death, she changed Chicago law to put AEDs in public places: Lynn Donegan

Unsung Hero: Kathleen Walsh D'Arcy.

The Irish human rights activist behind Queens’ inclusive St. Patrick’s Day parade: Kathleen Walsh D’Arcy

Philly nun an advocate for homeless and mentally ill persons the Unsung Hero, Sister Mary Scullion.

The Philadelphia nun who advocates for the homeless and mentally ill: Sister Mary Scullion

The staff of Centruion Ministries in Princeton, NJ. Front Row: Janet Baxendale, Jim McCloskey, Kate Germond, Lisa Kurtz, Kim Lundquist. Back Row: Dale Jacobs, Alan Maimon, Constance Monroe, Nick O’Connell.

The man proving the innocence of those who were wrongfully convicted and saving them from life - or even death – sentences: Jim McCloskey and Centurion Ministries.

Pauline Turley, Liam Neeson, Julie Feeney and Aidan Connolly.

The Irish arts organization making big waves - and a big move: Pauline Turley, Aidan Connolly and the Irish Arts Center.