10 unusual Irish world records


Image: Pandiyan

The Megalithic passage tomb at Knowth was built thousands of years ago. When it was being excavated, it was discovered that a beam of light from the rising moon would illuminate a certain stone at the back of the passage.

This stone – labelled 'orthostat 47' – is carved with markings which depict the landscape on the surface of the moon. They show the shapes of the lunar maria – those dark flat plains on the surface of the moon. This is the oldest map of the moon's surface known to man.


8. Most generations born on leap day

Image: compassrose_04

Unlike most world records, this one didn't need huge dedication, physical endurance or several thousand friends – this one is all down to the luck of the Irish.

Peter Anthony Keogh was born on February 29 – that's leap day, which occurs only once every four years – in 1940. Peter Eric, his son, was born in the UK on the same date in 1964. And to top it off, so was his grand-daughter, Bethany!

Now, there's only one leap day every 1,461 days, so we won't embarrass ourselves trying to calculate the probability of three generations being born on that day. But it's a long shot!


9. Longest Career as a live Match Commentator

Micheál Ó Muircheartaigh broadcast on RTÉ for 62 years. Sixty-two. Since 1949. When he retired on 30 October 2010 (aged 80), that made him the longest-serving match commentator in the world.
His style was an unmistakable part of the GAA scene, with a distinctive, fast-paced commentary, which you can hear in the video above.

His retirement even made the national news in Ireland.


10. Most rubik's Cubes solved on a unicycle

For some reason, solving Rubik's Cubes while riding a unicycle is a surprisingly popular past time. There are plenty of videos on YouTube of people trying their hand, like the one above.

But the champion is Adrian Leonard, who set the record in Belfast in 2010. A pilot by trade, Leonard attempted his record at 42 years old