Rain, rain go away: Ireland’s weather threatens to ruin bride’s dream Irish wedding


I may have thrown a few curses away as I drove from Tralee to Cork (about two hours) in the pelting rain (roads in Ireland are too small for the amount of rain we get), but upon arriving in Cork, umbrella in tow, I forgot about the weather and had a wonderful time sharing in the achievements of Niamh.

And the weather certainly didn’t stop the Limerick people from coming out in their thousands on Saturday night to support some of their local boys, including New York-based Andy Lee, who beat European Union middleweight champion, Affif Belghecham, in a great boxing fight at the University of Limerick.

While there was a break in the weather for a few hours before the fight, giving people a chance to get to the university bone dry (with straight hair in my case), Lee’s win was marred with the heavens opening up once again.

But no one was bothered. Their local hero won his fight so who cared. It was a joyous occasion, one for celebration, so boxing fans headed in various directions to do just that.

I did hear, though, that one of the bars in town had its beer garden opened to welcome the boxers after the fight but rain drove them to another bar across town.

And the rain hasn’t stopped yours truly from enjoying every minute of her time at home in Ireland, even if an umbrella is a fixed feature in my handbag these days. I may have to give up straightening my hair every morning and pack away my suede shoes until I return to New York in January, but I will come to terms with it. When, though, is another question.

“So, Lord, you may see why it’s important to put a plug in it for

December 5. You may, if you wish, direct the rain across the Atlantic to New York for that day. I’m sure they wouldn’t mind in the slightest, and in the meantime could you have a word with my future husband and tell him as a wedding present I’d love a Prada umbrella! I’ll get more use out of it than a pair of earrings.”