Faces of the Titanic: Delia McDermott from Addergoole was one of 14 from her town on board - she survived

Delia McDermott survived her voyage on the Titanic

No. 323. (Irish.) Servant, 25 years of age, injured very severely, and long unable to work. ($200)

On 25 April, Delia McDermott received $150 from the Women’s Relief Committee, formed in New York to aid survivors. She had intended to travel to her cousin, Mrs Celia Syson, at Henrietta Street, St Louis, but never left the east coast. She moved from New York to New Jersey, marrying a fellow countryman, John Joseph Lynch of Galway. He served in the First World War and spent his working years on the Jersey city docks. They had three children – Julia, Margaret and Tommy. Delia never spoke about her Titanic experiences and the children were forbidden to ask her about it. It appears however that Delia was rescued in lifeboat No. 13, launched from the starboard side of the ship relatively early in the night.

Her daughter, Julia Danning, remembers Delia’s later life:

She was a quiet, home-loving housewife, devoted to her family. She was very devout,
with daily Mass and nightly Rosary. Her one and only vice was a weekly Euchre game with friends. She rarely spoke of her experience aboard the Titanic except for having left a lifeboat to go back and retrieve her new hat. Hats being what they were in those days, it was no doubt a huge expenditure for her family and it was a going-away gift. Otherwise I believe the ordeal was so traumatic that she closed her mind to it.

Delia died in Jersey City, N.J., on 3 November 1959. She was believed to have been aged 75 – a figure supported by the 1901 census which put her age at 17. However, if an age of 32 from the 1911 census is correct, she would have been 33 when the Titanic sailed, and 80 when she died.

1911 census – McDermott, Knockfarnaught.
Parents: Michael (77), farmer, Bridget (73). Married 40 years, seven children, four living. Children in house: Thomas (35), Bridget (Delia, 32).

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