Election fever hits Ohio as Irish divided on who will win their vote -- Barack Obama or Mitt Romney?


Irish American Roger Weist, host of local radio show Beyond the Pale, says that while many Irish Americans favor President Obama, many have strong Republicans ties also.

“There are many people that aren’t as trusting of the current administration,” he said. “There’s a lot of Romney support in the Irish community.

“There are a lot of conservatives and business people who believe the economy needs to be run by a businessman.”

Weist agrees with fellow club member Mark Owens that Election Day cannot come soon enough.

“[Ohio is] the center of the political universe. Every time you turn on the TV, all you hear are political ads,” he said. “You’re inundated with information on candidates of every political party persuasion.

“Everybody seems to be telling untruths. You don’t know who’s saying what and the lies make you crazy.”

The radio host believes the accusatory tactics employed by candidates throughout the debates prevents voters from making an informed decision.

“Talk about what you want to do, not about his character, because I will make a decision on the character based on what is being proposed.”

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As of now, Weist, a lifelong Democrat, who describes Bill Clinton as a hero, is still undecided.

“There are some things that have been bothering me about Obama. I see them both as two evils,” he said, concluding, “I am going to give it another week.”

In a private room of the club, a group of men are playing 25, a Friday night tradition that has lasted 30 years. They joke about letting President Obama join their weekly game.

“If he came here and bought us a couple of pints, we might let him play.”

When asked who they will vote for, one of the men scowled.

“Oh we cannot tell you that,” he dismisses.

Despite their reluctance to share their votes, they’re all looking forward to the end of the intense media focus on their home state.

“There’s nothing but commercials. Nobody wants to listen to any of them,” one of them states.

“It’s all about Ohio.”

“Alright, deal them up!” another commands, as their brief focus on the election shifts back to their weekly ritual.

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