Irish brogue for dummies: a guide to Ireland’s colorful expressions

Want to speak like a real Irish person? Master the use of these phrases and sure you'll be grand.

Literally means, "Go on out of that" and translates as "No way!" or, "Get out of here" For example;
Frank: "So I scored four goals at the game last week."
Jim: "Go on outta that! You did not score four goals at the game."


A mildly offensive term for an idiot.

How's the form?

"How are you?" To which you might reply, "I'm in great form, thanks." Can also be used in the sense, "He was in awfully bad form last night." ("He was bad humored last night.")

"Good luck"

They're only saying goodbye, they're not actually wishing you any sort of luck at all.
Remember! Practice makes perfect!

Originally published March 2009