Top ten reasons to make the move to Ireland

Make the ultimate move, join you ancestors on Ireland’s shores and take in the craic, calm, wit and wisdom.

Ever thought about moving to the Emerald Isle?

Many have but few have chosen to make the ultimate move.

Here are ten top reasons why you should give it a go.

1. Ancient civilization:

They have uncovered human settlements dating back 10,000 years, in Fermoy, County Cork. If you are Irish American you could live happily among your ancestors.

2. Lots of time:

This is still true in rural Ireland. There you can pass the time away without the hustle and bustle of big city life. As the Irish say: “When God made time he made plenty of it.”

3. Family:

If you have relatives there they will surely take you in as one of their own. In rural areas neighbors still look out for each other.

4. Your American accent:

So you've heard of people being contrary?

Sure you may get some stupidly anti-American folk, but given the great history between the two countries and ties that bind there is an enormous affection for Americans.

5. The beauty:

From Kerry in the south to Donegal in the North and in Northern Ireland too, there are simply stunning landscapes.

6. The cost of living:

Sure, during the Celtic Tiger it went out of control, but now outside Dublin you can live cheaply. Property prices are the lowest in a decade and basic foods are pretty reasonable.

7. Wit and wisdom:

Tommy Tiernan, top Irish comedian, laughing his head off on the 50th anniversary of RTE's "Late Late Show"

The famous Irish wit is evident in everyday encounters. Relax and enjoy it.

8. The weather:

Yes I know, but the rain does truly fall softly and a long, glorious summer’s day can make up for all of that bad, wet stuff.

9. The culture:

Seamus Heaney - poet for the Irish and  for everyone, for those “searching, always searching - digging”.

Nobel Prize winners, great musicians, wonderful story tellers, no place on earth can match them.

10. The pubs:

A good Irish pub, a pint of Guinness with a music session and mighty craic! Nowhere can touch it.

Bon Voyage!