“The Irish Pub” – documentary's New York première (PHOTOS & VIDEO)


Have you noticed any differences between filming in Ireland versus filming in the United States?

I have to be honest, no. We’ve been traveling around the States since February and the general consensus we have is that there’s so many connections between the Irish spirit and the American spirit which are in common I think that when you watch the new film you’ll see that. It’s the sense of humor, the “having the laugh”, spontaneity and also the sense of value of history is intact.

I do think the Americans probably speak clearer and their diction is better.

What is the sequel to “The Irish Pub”?

We’re looking to discover how the Irish pub has shaped America. There are Irish pubs all over the United States so we’re looking at how this institution has shaped America. We are literally filming all around the United States and discovering amazing pubs.

PHOTOS - "The Irish Pub" documentary premiere NYC