Studying an MBA abroad may be the best way to save money and gain a competitive advantage.

As the cost of doing an MBA in America remains extremely high and admission continues to be fiercely competitive, many candidates are looking outside of the US for their graduate management program.

There is no doubt that doing an MBA opens doors to exceptional career opportunities and an established global network of business leaders, but for some, the exorbitant cost and fierce competition can be a barrier to achieving their career potential.

Exam hall, Trinity College Dublin

Studying abroad is becoming an ever more popular choice for young US professionals aiming to further their career in management. European countries such as Ireland, Europe’s fastest-growing economy, offer a haven for candidates looking to differentiate themselves by gaining European experience whilst saving money.

Comparable programs in the US will costs students around $50,000 per year for a two-year MBA program. For example, the MBA at Trinity College Dublin, Ireland’s #1 ranked MBA, is priced at €32,000 (approx. $34,500) which is delivered in one year, instead of the standard two-year format delivered in the US.

The campanile in springtime.

Cost aside, many American candidates are attracted to Ireland’s friendly and welcoming culture, evident by its two-year graduate work visa that enables MBA graduates to work in Ireland once they have finished their studies. The American chamber of Commerce states that Ireland is home to world talent with over 150,000 people working in US companies which generate over $806 million per year. Favorable tax laws and government initiatives also encourage the development of new businesses.

Trinity College Dublin facing into College Green.

Post-MBA employment rates are high according to the Trinity MBA class of 2015 where almost 90% of candidates received a job offer within 3 months of graduation. Working abroad is an appealing option for many American graduates interested in building international work experience into their CV at an affordable price.

As Irish-American families look to celebrate St Patrick’s Day this March, many may be thinking about spending next year’s celebrations as an MBA student in Ireland.

International students at Trinity College Dublin.

If you’re Interested in undertaking an MBA in Ireland you can meet with Trinity on an upcoming U.S. trip to find out why the Trinity MBA is for you.