The first (and last) cold weather Super Bowl


The news will only get worse for the NFL too. The average cost for a Denver or Seattle based fan to make a weekend trip to New York, with flights, hotel and game ticket would be around $2,700 to $3,000 dollars. For that kind of money, fans aren’t going to risk travelling at the last minute when the weather might affect the game. This means there will not be vast numbers of last minute ‘walk-up’ type ticket sales.

This means in turn the ticket sales are going to continue to trend downwards.

It's greed that led the Super Bowl to Manhattan. The Super Bowl being held within easy reach of Manhattan and some of America’s wealthiest communities seemed like a winning combination. However, it is greed that will doom the Super Bowl from ever being played in cold weather again.

Ticket prices, expected profit margins trending down and some seriously bad press? Forget about it.

Of course not everyone is disappointed. Ticket sales sites are reporting two groups of people as making up the vast majority of the percentage of visitors to their sites.

People from New York (30%) and New Jersey (24%) are the two states whose residents have been visiting their Super Bowl pages the most.

Local New York and New Jersey based wise guys cleaning up on cheap tickets to the big game?

Once again, forget about it (this time, in a good way).