Could this be Tom Brady’s finest season yet?


The amazing thing is the Patriots managed some very high point totals in 2013 (43, 55, 34 three times) and that is almost entirely down to the skill, experience and competitive tenacity of Tom Brady. He basically willed the Patriots offensive forward.

Here’s the thing, and it’s a great thing and a clue as to why the Patriots are where they are.

Brady himself would absolutely balk (vociferously) at the suggestion that he has not had a supporting cast around him in 2013. He would probably reject the suggestion outright and respectfully point to the various strong points of the players who have been toiling away for the Patriots this season. That’s Brady all over, a consummate leader, a terrific teammate.

Add to that the experience that Brady and Bill Belichick have together leading the Patriots to three Super Bowls, two near misses, countless big game wins and a plethora of statistical wonders, and it is a little easier to understand why the Patriots are where they are today, standing once more on the brink of greatness.

Whatever happens this coming weekend in Denver, the 2013 season has been a personal triumph against the odds for Tom Brady.

Then again, when a guy is a sixth round draft pick and climbs to where Brady is right now, nothing should surprise us.