Super Bowl 2012 - Breaking down Tom Brady and Eli Manning


Brady is often referred to as a system quarterback because of his inability to throw when moved from his spot. The Patriots have invested heavily on their offensive line over the years as pressure up the middle prevents Brady from being effective.

His footwork and ability to move in the pocket is stellar, but he cannot throw on the move consistently. If Brady's feet aren't set beneath him, he regularly struggles to hit his receiver. Fortunately for the Patriots, it is a rarity that teams managed to get in his face through a combination of good pass protection and quick passes.

Eli Manning: 9/10
He may not be Ben Roethlisberger or Michael Vick, but Eli Manning can extend plays just about as well as anyone in the NFL. His awareness to avoid rushers or move to spots that will afford him just enough time to get rid of the football is startling.

Many will remember the David Tyree reception the last time these teams met in the Super Bowl and Manning's miraculous escape from the clutches of the rushers. He doesn't have the frame to consistently throw with defenders dragging him down, a la Roethlisberger, nor does he have the speed of Vick, however his ability to hit receivers while moving and throw from uncomfortable positions sets him apart from most quarterbacks.


Tom Brady: 10/10

Eli Manning: 10/10

You may not be right, but you could definitely argue that both of these players are the most clutch at the position in the NFL. Both have already won Super Bowls, and they are the only two former Super Bowl MVPs to face off against each other, while Brady has been to four and Manning has put in clutch performances throughout this year's playoffs and regular season. 

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