Perception vs Reality: The Mirage in Cincinnati



This is why I love preseason predictions. They are funny to me because it is startling to see the perception that can come with reality and the different views that can come with different people. You cannot argue who the best team in the league is at the end of each year because the best team in the league is the team that wins the Superbowl. You can spend countless hours throughout the offseason and regular season putting whoever you like at the top of the NFL Ladder and justify it with your own point of view even if it's as ludicrous as having faith in Alex Smith leading his team to 12 victories(Thanks a lot for that one Alex!).


The Bengals' season has been one to forget for their fans and the organization as a whole but all 32 franchises should take note of what happened in Cincinnati this season and remember that Reputations are results of the past, not the present.