NY GAA: All the latest from Gaelic Park in the Bronx


Goals Do Trick for Celtics

Celtics 2-7  Monaghan 0-11

TWO goals midway through the second half were the springboard to success for Celtics in the first John Joe McGovern Cup game on Sunday at Gaelic Park.

John McArdle had the first in a man of the match performance, with his full forward line partner John O’Connell getting the second.  They were a two pronged strike force that Monaghan had no answer for.

Monaghan immediately jumped into the lead with points from Pascal Doran and Paul McGlynn in the first five minutes.  McGlynn added a free a minute later after further good work by Ross Connolly and his namesake James.

Celtics started the comeback trail with long balls into the big full forward line. Shane O’Connor was fouled for a free that Gary Nugent slotted over from the front of goal.

Moments later a long ball to O’Connell was caught and slipped to a charging McArdle. The corner forward had the goal at his mercy and drove hard over the bar. He fouled it with his second again with the same assister the full forward O’Connell.

Three each then at the 15 minute mark, and surprisingly all Monaghan to the break at least on the score board. McGlynn again had a free when James Connolly was fouled before two excellent points by Shane McKenna and Connolly again.

While McGlynn added a point to open the second half, it preceded a sustained period of Celtic dominance, 1-4 without reply, to power the side into the lead with McArdle getting the 1-1 in the mix.

McGlynn again added two points from frees, but he was the lone Monaghan danger man with the Celtics weathering the storm and grabbing a further point from Adrian Mullins before Monaghan had two scores again from McGlynn at the end.

The final minutes were marred by some unsavory incidents that did nothing to help the GAA in its promotions.

For the Celtics, Dermot O’Sullivan battled all day against Paul McGlynn. Derek McKenna did well but was booked in his third consecutive game with three different teams at the Mecca. John Smith, John McArdle, who was excellent when given opportunity, and John O’Connell all had leading roles.

Monaghan will look at the performances of Fergal Mulvanny’s first half, James Connolly, Shane McKenna and Paul McGlynn as their best.

Celtics: 1 Kevin McArdle, 2 David Haught, 3 Dermot O’Sullivan, 4 Sean Wally, 5 Rui Kelly, 6 Brian Greene, 7 Chris O’Connor, 8 Shane O’Connor (0-1), 9 Derek McKenna (0-1), 10 John Smith, 11 Adrian Mullins (0-1), 12 Gary Nugent (0-1), 13 John McArdle (1-3), 14 John O’Connell (1-0), 15 Danny Sullivan. Sub: Tommy Gee.

Monaghan: 1 C. Madden, 2 H. McKenna, 3 N. McKenna, 4 Hugh Clerkin, 5 Fergal Mulvanny, 6 Bonnie Duffy, 7 P. Murphy, 8 Ross Connolly, 9 Pascal Doran (0-1), 10 Shane McKenna (0-1), 11 Rory O’Neill, 12 James Connolly (0-1), 13 Mickey McEntee, 14 Paul McGlynn (0-8), 15 E. Philips.

Man of the match: John McArdle (Celtics).

Referee: Tommy Fahey (Waterford).

Junior Football

Cavan 5-5 Donegal 1-7

CAVAN used three goals in the first half to jump into the lead and another pair in the second half to easily stay there, with Declan Fitzpatrick accounting for three in a match winning performance that propels them into a semifinal where they will meet the winner of the Tyrone/Celtics quarterfinal.

Cavan had the first point of the game 30 seconds in with Joe Shannahy the sniper.  They slipped behind over the next 10 minutes, however, as Donegal had a sustained period where they attacked.

Three points from Joe Watson, C.J. Molloy and Mark Downes (each a free) when Molloy was fouled pushed them into the lead. While Cavan had chances in this period some wayward shooting did not help.

That changed, however, when Barry Dalton was pulled down for a penalty 15 minuets in, and Fitzpatrick slotted the ball to the net.

He followed it with goal number two when he linked with Shannahy minutes later and Cavan had the lead for good.

Two points from Joe Watson and a Molloy free brought Donegal back, but it was quickly negated when Seamus Kelly linked with Fitzpatrick for his third goal.

Molloy had another free, his third to open the second half, but a Cavan free from Fitzpatrick was made easier for the taker when dissent moved it in towards goal and the hat-trick man slotted over.

While Gary Dowd had Donegal’s seventh point in the 10th minute, it was all Cavan over the next quarter hour as resilient defensive work by Mel Dunleavy, Michael Smith and James Brady quelled any hopes of a Donegal resurgence.

Sean McGivney was very active in the middle as a third midfielder as they fired a good supply into the forward line. Barry Dalton had a point before a trio of chances were missed, and then McGivney had a point from play. He followed it with a thunderbolt goal after Shannahy set him.

Cavan won the ball from the resulting kickout, and Kelly had it back in the net for goal five. The one chance that Donegal had for goal in this period was a blast from 12 yards by Paddy Moran that was stopped by Eugene Kyne and cleared from danger.