Notre Dame versus Navy - An international showcase that Irish fans should fall for


The NFL may be America's Game, as it is so often referred, and college football may be the heart and soul of the common football fan, but the game itself carries characteristics of many other sports across the globe. There is a natural audience lying in wait to grasp hold of this game and fall in love with it just like the American population already has.

There will be some adjusting, many fans struggle with the concept of the game and length it takes to complete a quarter, but the protagonists of affection lie within. For those that love passion, plenty will be on show as Navy and Notre Dame are two relatively well supported teams in College Athletics. For those that love the technical ability to outsmart the opposition, that is what the basis of the game is. For those that love talent whether it be individual or collective, there will be no shortage of that either.

Brian Kelly, Everette Golson, Ken Niumatalolo, Trey Miller. The names are different. The experience won't be. Goals will be replaced by touchdowns, points replaced by extra points, tackles replaced by...well...other types of tackles, but the joy, disappointment, celebration, tears, talent, precision, atmosphere, excitement and passion is all there.

All you need to do is to be willing to find it. Willing to try a new experience. The opportunity is there.

Take it.