Exclusive interview: King Sheamus ready for Wrestlemania rumble


“I’m not happy until I’m going forward and accomplishing goals,” says Sheamus, who’s given name is Stephen Farrelly, and who used to bodyguard the likes of Bono in Dublin before pursuing his WWE dream.

“I’m going to my second Wrestlemania, and from there I just want to keep taking leaps and bounds until I become one of the greatest ever.  I can’t complain right now, I’m enjoying myself, the matches are great and I’m making a name for myself.  I keep building that Celtic Warrior brand.”

All the wrestling doesn’t leave much time for anything else in Sheamus’s busy life these days.  He’s based in Florida during his down time – “I break out the hoodies to deal with the sun,” he jokes about his milky-white complexion – and returned to Ireland last April for shows in Dublin and Belfast.

Sheamus remembers the journey well, not least because he and all the other WWE superstars were grounded in Ireland for four days because of the volcano in Iceland that halted all trans-Atlantic travel.

“The Guinness was good,” Sheamus says of his time back home.  “It was great. The crowd was unbelievable, with the ‘ole, ole, ole’ chants.  People were wearing John Cena shirts and chanting for Sheamus.”

The King of the Ring knows that the Queen of England will soon travel to his homeland.  “Don’t mention my name in the same sentence as hers,” he says.  “I’m the only real royal around here!”

No doubt Sheamus will prove that yet again in Atlanta on Sunday.

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