Sheamus WWE wrestler

It's Sheamus versus the Viper this Saturday


Sheamus WWE wrestler

With his failed bout with Sheamus in Los Angeles still smarting, Randy Orton (The Viper) will probably be determined to take a bite of the reigning World Wrestling Entertainment champion, Sheamus.

In a special one-night-only Raw World Tour stop at 8 PM on Saturday in the Oceanfront Arena, Wildwoods Convention Center in New Jersey the grudge match begins.

Hell bent on revenge for a knockout after the match, Sheamus, the man so pale skinned he glows, will show the world the meaning of his fiery red-headed Irish temper, and says if he's smart Orton might as well not even show up to Wildwood.

The Ginger Glow Man says he'll be using his signature moves - the crucifix bomb and Irish curse - to keep Orton from stealing the championship.

'I'll probably get to use 'em all on Orton, poor fella. He'll be lying in a bucket of ice afterward.'

Standing 6-foot-6 and weighing 272 pounds, the strikingly tall Irishman has come to dominate the WWE after making his debut a little over a year ago.

'It's been brilliant!' Sheamus says of his success. 'It was a childhood dream of mine. 'Course, I'm not very popular for doing that. Gingers aren't very popular, anyway. It's all jealousy.'

Then the Irish superstar gives a hearty laugh at this thought. You can tell he's really having fun. 'There's never been a WWE superstar like me. I'm vicious. I'm aggressive," Sheamus says. 'I want to put that ol' guy out to pasture once and for all.'