IrishCentral NFL Power Rankings


It's too late for Alex Smith to rekindle my belief in him.


Cormac: Alex Smith is saddened by that statement, and will be slinging bouquets to you the rest of the season!



Cian: The Vikings are playing like the old team that they are, and thats without including Brett Favre.

The future is bright for the Lions, but right now they still have too many holes.


Cormac: The brave little Lions have scored more points than 9 NFC teams, including the entire NFC West, and their 3 wins represents a huge leap forward. Plus, they should have won at least 3 more, remember that complete bush league call against them in the Bears game?



Cian: Can a team really this inconsistent have a chance at winning their division?


Cormac: The Hawks are two teams, decent at home, awful, awful on the road. I wanted to put the Vikings 32nd but the Williams brothers wouldn’t let me.



Cian: It tells you something when the Bills have better receivers than the Redskins.


Cormac: Who would have thought the ‘Skins would be this bad? Also, way past time to change that ridiculous logo. Put it this way, imagine they were called the ‘Washington dark coloured men’ with a logo of Denzel Washington on their lids. Would people be outraged then maybe? That’s a realistic example too!!