IrishCentral NFL Power Rankings


Cian: Colt McCoy reminds me of a young Tom Brady. Peyton Hillis reminds me of a faster Jerome Bettis. A scary combination.


Cormac: Hillis running the ball as he has was one of the catalysts to Josh McDaniels getting fired.


CF: Definitely, Cutler’s playmaking in Chicago also.



Cian: The Redskins won't win anything without giving Donovan MacNabb some real weapons.


Cormac: ..Or getting the weapons a real QB…



Cian: The Broncos have more problems than Tim Tebow can fix?

Would you start Tebow Cormac?

The Bills were solidly the worst team in the league coming into the season, they owe a lot to Ryan Fitzpatrick for their improvement.


Cormac: I would indeed, in three years. Kyle Orton has more passing ability in his little finger than Tebow could dream for right now. Ryan Fitzpatrick is a fantastic story.



Cian: What ever about the Cowboys' season, Dez Bryant was a star this season. In fact the whole rookie class in the NFL was brilliant this year.