IrishCentral NFL Power Rankings


CF: Think he’s looked like that for a few years.



Cian: Is Darren MacFadden the best running back in the league at the moment?


Cormac: No, Chris Johnson is, McFadden is just running through enormous holes. You could argue the Raiders are the best run-blocking offensive line though!



Cian: Pieces just keep falling off for the Titans, C Amano and DT Brown done for the season.


Cormac: Titans could finish this season in the bottom five the way its going. Are the Texans the most confusing team in the NFL?


CF: Them or the Cowboys for not firing Phillips earlier.



Cian: Matt Schaub's receivers let him down against the Ravens with an unprecedented amount of drops, but the secondary has let down the team all season.


Cormac:  T.O has dropped more than most Texans have caught. Not sure what that says about either. The Browns season effectively ended with that loss to the Bills.