IrishCentral NFL Power Rankings


Cian: With every game Josh Freeman wins, the Jets regret even more trading up for Mark Sanchez.


Cormac: Absolutely, super point, imagine how scary the Jets would be with a running, gunning Freeman at the helm?


CF: There’d be much less pigskin funerals.



Cian: The Dolphins will be looking for motivation for the rest of the season as they appear to have nothing to lose or gain.


Cormac: They could still sneak in. I fear for the Chiefs a little, after a great start they might be exposed now.



Cian: Sam Bradford has improved the offense vastly but don't overlook Fred Robbins contribution to the defense.


Cormac:  I have seen the Rams play live five times now, and they have big play explosiveness but are way too fragile when the game is on the line.



Cian: Rodgers is one injury too many for the Pack.


Cormac:  Agreed, McCarthy looked shell shocked after the injury, like, ‘Now what do I do?!’