IrishCentral NFL Power Rankings




Cian: If the Chargers fix their Special Teams and keep Antonio Gates healthy, they could be the dark horses to be in Dallas in February.


Cormac: If by dark horse you mean, make it into the playoffs, then get blown out on the back of several special teams miscues and coaching blunders, then yes, dark horse.



Cian: It will be interesting to see how the Bears respond to being blown out.

Rex Ryan called out his defense this week? Has he been watching the offense?


Cormac: What a huge potential break for Chicago, with Rogers being knocked out, and Green Bay losing unexpectedly. I want to know what Rex did with the Miami game ball, remember he buried the Patriots one? Did he ship this one off to Siberia maybe?



Cian: Earth and Fire(Jacobs and Bradshaw) returned for the Giants last week. Eli needs the help.

Watch out Joe Webb, the Bears are bound to be angry after last week.


Cormac: Kind of a side note, but how on earth are the Patriots O-Line not getting more press, they completely neutered a really vicious Bears defence last week.


CF: *Shameless self promotion alert* I lauded them in my review of the Bears game!!!