IrishCentral NFL Power Rankings



Cormac:  Depends who isn’t in court at the time. I ranked the Steelers a little higher as their ‘D’ is just plain scary.



Cian: The Steelers are losing offensive linemen faster than the Jets are losing faith in Mark Sanchez.

The Eagles defense needs to overcome the lack of depth in the secondary and hope Nate Allen hasn't really hit a rookie wall as it appears.


Cormac: Great point, how reactionary is this Sanchez thing, I thought he was the ‘Sanchize’!? Your Eagles point is exactly why I have them one rung lower than the Steel Curtain.



Cian: Someone needs to start a campaign to raise awareness of Ray Rice in Baltimore similar to the Jamaal Charles campaign in Kansas City.

The loss of Steve Smith only highlights the need for Hakeem Nicks to return to form.


Cormac: Another flip/flop for me, I only ranked the Giants higher as they seem a little bit more clutch right now. Ray Rice, always the first guy in on the tackle, you know, after the other defender who got there first.



Cian: Over/Under on 2 interceptions for Mark Sanchez to Troy Polamalu this week?

Donte Stallworth could be the answer in Baltimore, none of the other Ravens receivers can stretch opposing defenses.


Cormac: How about the Jets completely throwing one of their coaches to the dog pile? They are deluded if they think we believe he arranged that ‘thin green line’. Flacco needs to start hitting the wideouts, either way.