IrishCentral NFL Power Rankings



Cian: The offense gets all the headlines in Boston but the Patriots will need it's defense to keep playing at it's current level if they are to get to the Superbowl.



Cormac: Most of the top teams vanquished? Check. Home field for the playoffs within their grasp? Check. Trendy winter balaclava covering up the ‘hair issue’? Check.



Cian: The Saints have playmakers spread throughout the team.

The Falcons need to improve on the back end of the defense.


Cormac: Right now, as it stands, the NFC goes through Atlanta.  Matty Ice and the Falcons almost unbeatable at home.



Cian: Is it fair to say Matt Ryan is the best young quarterback in the league right now Cormac?

Unusually the Saints are flying under the radar trying to defend their title.


Cormac: Absolutely, Ryan is such a good game manager that his raw passing ability is actually overlooked a little. The Saints rough start (by Champion standards) has them potentially having to go to Atlanta in the playoffs, but kudos to them for righting their ship and so far, avoiding the Superbowl slump.



Cian: Vick or Roethlisberger? Who you taking Cormac?