Irish mock Olympic commentary goes viral -- International media doesn’t get the joke - VIDEO


Over in Ireland, mention Chris ‘The Viper’ Tordoff of the Hardy Bucks, and everyone immediately thinks comedy.

But when Tordoff’s mock-commentary of Olympic sailing went viral, most international media failed to get the joke.

Tordoff was widely referenced as simply an “Irish Commentator,” or credited under his character name of Francis Higgins from the Hardy Bucks. Many sources didn’t realize Tordoff wasn’t serious, while Buzzfeed wrote, “I’m about 90 percent sure this is fake, but it’s just too funny to think it might not be.”

Tordoff already knows that the line between reality and fiction can be a humorous place; ‘The Hardy Bucks’ is a mockumentary show which began as the mostly-improvised tale of five men from the west of Ireland attempting to reach the great metropolis of Galway.

Regardless of the media confusion, everyone’s in agreement about one thing: this clip is hilarious in ways you never thought sailing could be.

In a terrible PR move, either Vimeo or the IOC removed Tordoff’s video. Tordoff tweeted, “The sailing video has been removed. There's your IOC. Humourless cunce. #London2012.”

He then made this audio file bashing the IOC in typical filthy language.

Fortunately, That Video Site came through and hosted the clip. Watch it here: