There are 19 runners in the 2011 Kentucky Derby.

In the average race in America there are seven or eight so the chances of hitting much bigger odds is far greater.

Type of bets: Win place and show

Bet your horse simply to win,your horse must win the race, place, i.e come in first two or show i.e to come in first three

Bet; straight exacta;
bet your horses to come in first and second in that order.

Exacta Box or Quinella; bet them to come in first and second in either order.

Triple; Bet your horses to come first second and third Triple Box: bet them to come in first seconbd and third in any order.

Superfecta; Bet the first, second, third and fourth

Superfecta Box: Bet them to come in first second third and fourth in any order

Daily Double; bet the winner of two consecutive races> IE first and second races

Good luck!