Giovanni Trapattoni has to go as Irish soccer manager -- Dreadful display against Spain in European Championship is the last straw


Giovanni Trapattoni and the Republic of Ireland team
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Giovanni Trapattoni led the Irish soccer team into the Valley of Death at these European Championships and now needs to fall on his own sword.

At 73 the quiet places beckon for the Italian who did a decent job getting Ireland to the European finals but has completely lost the plot now.

To say Ireland were unimaginative, lacking in creativity, defensive, boring and pure shite is the truth of the matter.

Trapattoni is on record as saying if you want creativity go to La Scala or Madison Square Garden.
Well if you want mediocrity leave Trap in charge of your team.

He has coached all creativity out of these players, left them the worst side at these European finals.
A few years back things seemed different. He created a good side that almost beat France in Paris to advance to the World Cup.

On that night it was a very good and killed and creative Irish side.

Indeed, we only saw one glimpse of that when they fell behind to Croatia and came powering back to one all playing good football.

The minute they equalized they fell back on the old defensive ways however and were hockeyed.
The Spanish game was embarrassing.

Okay, they are world champions but they still could have been challenged far more effectively by a team that gave some semblance of an attacking threat rather than played like entering the opponent’s half was a crime.

Ireland needs a new start for the upcoming world cup qualifying.

Trapattoni must go.

Read more: Ireland's European Championship dream annihilated at the hands of Spain