GAA Digest: Paidi O’Se warns Kerry to stop Whinging


Legenedary Kerry footballer Paidi O Se has taken the county’s current stars to task for “whinging” at referees.

O Se has criticized the modern trend of talking back to match officials and is concerned it is creeping into Kerry football. He told the Irish Sun, “It’s a thing I have studied very closely. It’s the one characteristic I’ve noticed that has crept into Kerry football.

“It was never part of Kerry football, not when I was growing up or when I played or when I was manager. We’re getting into this habit of questioning decisions and getting into arguments and portraying ourselves as whingers.

“It’s something I’d like to see blocked out of our game. You train and prepare to do your job as a player -- let the referee do his.

“They’re over-reacting at the moment, questioning a lot of what the referee is doing. But he’s not going to change his mind. They’re doing themselves more harm than good.”

O Se doubts the players are following orders when they engage in verbals with referees.

He added, “I can certainly tell you Jack O’Connor is not telling them to crib at referees. Jack wouldn’t be part of that, it’s not in his make-up.

“It’s only the players who must take it upon themselves to behave themselves. There’s a duty to play well but there’s also a duty to wear the jersey with respect and honor.

“We’re proud of our football in Kerry and every day we take to the field with the green and gold jersey is a proud day for us.

“It’s important to Kerry that this pride is developed and expressed on the field in the best way, not by giving out to the referee all of the time.”

Cody’s Tribute

Kilkenny boss Brian Cody has paid tribute to the players who have recently retired from his squad, but insisted he had no part to play in their decision.

Eddie Brennan, Mick Kavanagh and James Cha Fitzpatrick are amongst the handful of senior players to quit the county squad in recent months.

He told the Irish Examiner, “These lads have given serious years of service when you think of the likes of Mick Kavanagh, Eddie Brennan who have been there so long.

“PJ Ryan hasn’t played for as many years but, age-profile, he would have been there as well. John Dalton and Cha are obviously very, very young and there was surprise there. But that’s just the way it works.

“It was their own decision. Regardless of who it is, I don’t torment the lads from September until January. They live their lives and we all carry on.

“At the start of the year, when the time comes along, we get together and we have a chat about things. It was strictly the lads’ decision and I wouldn’t be pre-empting what they’ll do.

“They make their decision, but that doesn’t mean that we wouldn’t take a decision if we had to. We do whatever we think is right. The lads involved are very, very fit. Their fitness levels really aren’t a reason they should go, or anything like that.

“Obviously, all players reach a stage where they decide they are going to call it a day and that has to be respected. But the more often we can see the top players playing the better.”


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U.S. Football

The Notre Dame Preparatory High School Saints will meet the Father Judge High School Crusaders of Philadelphia in a unique game at Navan’s Pairc Tailteann at the end of August.

Three American football showcases will be held in Ireland day featuring a total of 12 teams from Arizona, California, Connecticut, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Texas and Wisconsin. The fixtures will take place on the eve of the Emerald Isle Classic at the Aviva Stadium between Notre Dame and Navy.

GAA Shorts

Monaghan and Kildare have been fined ****5,000 each for the recent brawl in their NFL game in Clones, with the Ulster county ordered to play their next home league game as an away fixture. Both counties have indicated they will appeal the decisions.

Kildare selector Niall Carew has been handed a four week suspension after the dispute, while their defender Brian Flanagan has received a one match ban . . .